Weekly quizzes, games and activities for remote teams

Hilariously varied online activities that your remote team
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The Drop Zone Quiz

Fast paced themed quizzes with instant results. Stay out of the drop zone to score points and challenge your team members to the top of the leaderboard.

+50 tried and tested themes!

Who Dung That:
A quiz about identifying animal poop!

Guess the link:
Spot the link in this picture quiz!

A brilliantly random online quiz!

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This or That Quiz

Split the room with this fun 50/50 style quiz. The quiz questions are funny and inclusive for all team members to join in.

+50 tried and tested themes!

Ikea Chair or Swedish swear:
This quiz tests whether you can identify if a word is an Ikea product or a Swedish swear word

Wacky races:
Spot who would win in this quiz about speed

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Who Said That Quiz

A personalised quiz to help your get to know the team bond. Answer personal ice-breaker questions and your team colleagues have to guess “Who said that?”

+50 more ice-breaker questions

Some of our ice-breaker questions

If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? 🎧
It’s your last meal. What do you choose? 🥘
Invent a new animal, what would its name be? 🐮 🦊
What subject could you talk about for 20mins? 🎤
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List It Quiz

A fun team building quiz about categories.
Do you know the ingredients to make croissants, the names of underground stations or official planet names?
If yes, this is totally the team building game for you!

+50 more
lists of lists to play!
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