The benefits of virtual team building
for remote teams

Remote working wellbeing requires intentional and consistent actions to help teams socialise. Fostering a positive remote work culture can be the ultimate competitive advantage.

For Team Managers

Easily onboard new remote employees to your culture and introduce them to the rest of the team in an informal setting.
Meet the neighbours
Break down social barriers between departments through team-building games that build trust and unity across your entire organisation.
Safe Space
Level the playing field by creating an inclusive space for your team to remove their work hats and enjoy socialising outside of their job titles.
Admin Free
HomeWerk is an easy all-in-one remote work tool to help boost employee satisfaction which requires no creative tax or last-minute scrambles to organise team-building.
Strong remote working culture doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistently positive experiences (and lots of laughs) to help shape and evolve it over time.
Beat Burnout
Making fun at work a weekly ritual is a guaranteed way to beat feelings of isolation and overall burnout with remote teams.
Keep It Real
All our activities prioritise creating real social interactions through getting-to-know-you games and a varied mix of quizzes that keep things interesting.
100% of our existing users agree that our team quizzes and games make remote employees know their colleagues better, which is amazing creating friendships, retaining talent and boosting morale.

For Employees

Forced Fun
We’ve created activities that you’ll actually enjoy with your team.
Video chat
The integrated video chat means you get to see your colleagues faces and reactions while you play fun team games… and see if anyone is cheating!
Never boring
We’ve got hundreds of tried and tested games which have been tailored to keep everyone laughing, and talking about everything - but work!
Shape the culture
Get a chance to experience and shape your team culture through meaningful social interactions.
The Leaderboard
Fancy some friendly competition with your colleagues? You’ll love our leaderboard and achievement badges.
Beat burnout
Remote work can be tough at times, but it’s made a whole lot easier if you can have some fun with your team by focussing on something other than work.
Bin the formalities
HomeWerk is your opportunity to enjoy being “professionally informal with your team” - as one of our users put it. We'll leave it for you to decide what that really means!
Did you know it actually requires less brain power to work with people you like? Use HomeWerk to strengthen friendships and learn new things about your colleagues.

Happy Teams currently using HomeWerk

"The platform has been evolving nicely, and the get to know you games have been great for the team."
Anish, COO
"Short, fun get together - not inconvenient and great questions every week!"
Mehul, QA
John Lewis & Partners
"Brought everyone together for a bit of a Friday afternoon fun after a week of work meetings."
Laura, Social Media
“You do quizzes about animal poop... I mean wow!"
Ollie, Finance Analyst
The Accountancy Cloud
"The team love it - and more importantly, it has saved me loads of time. I really like the variety of activities each week and the leaderboard is a big plus!"
Dan, CEO
"We have a great time each week and HomeWerk has gone a long way in helping us to socialise whilst working remotely. A lot of the time the topics in the activities open up new conversations even after the session has ended."
Rob, Growth Marketer
"HomeWerk made Friday afternoon remote drinks a lot more fun, and helped me get to know other people outside of my immediate team."
Emily, Wholesale and Merchandising Consultant
“I really like how easy it is to use the platform and that the video chat is integrated."
Anna, Marketing Team
Patch Plants
"After 8 months of using HomeWerk it has truly become part of our weekly ritual each Wednesday."
Andrew, CEO