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Remote working can be a lonely experience for many. However, HomeWerk improves staff morale & productivity as well as ensuring teams are motivated & connected.

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The Platform

Play weekly online games, quizzes and activities together

We provide weekly sessions of up to 4 fun games, quizzes or team building activities designed to get your team talking and learning about each other.

Stay connected with integrated video and text chat

Don’t worry about setting up zoom and hangout links during your remote team building games and quizzes - we’ve got that all integrated into the platform!

Leaderboard, badges and prizes

The monthly leaderboard drives friendly competition, and gives you an easy way to reward top scorers each month.

The benefits

The perfect onboarding solution for any remote team
Boosts morale and amplify company culture through fun quizzes and games
Strengthen employee relationships through team building to retain top talent

Loved by the likes of…

“A little friendly competition goes a long way to help us take a break during the week”
John Hills, Marketing Manager
Company A
“HomeWerk has been a great way to keep our team connected whilst working from home”
John Hills, Marketing Manager
Company A
“Team building is made easy with
HomeWerk and has helped keep our team sane during these strange times!”
John Hills, Marketing Manager
Company A