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What's the Link Quiz

This awesome brain teaser quiz gets the team talking, and thinking outside the box 🔗

+100 seemingly random objects you won't believe are linked!
Can you guess the link? Click the arrow to reveal the answer.

Dropzone Quiz

These fast-paced themed quizzes drive competition and keeps things exciting! Stay out of the DropZone to score points and beat your colleagues to the top of the leaderboard 👑

+400 hilariously unique questions!
You've got four options. Which will you choose? Click the arrow to reveal the answer.

List It Quiz

A fun team building quiz about categories. Pair up with your colleagues to answer questions like "What ingredients make Margherita pizza?", "Can you spot all the members of the Kardashian family?" and "Which of these are real Yoga poses?" 📝

+50 more
lists of lists to play!
Get all the right answers for top marks! Click the arrow to reveal the answer.

Picture It Quiz

Can you name the celebrities behind the snapchat filters? How about these brand logos? Pair up with your colleagues to discuss answers, type your best guess and hope your spelling is up to scratch 🙈

+30 more multiplayer rounds.
Come on, these are easy right!? Click the arrow to reveal the answers.

This or That Quiz

A casual individual game that's guaranteed to get your team laughing! With a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer on this quiz, no one is left behind ➗

+50 tried and tested themes!
This or That? Simple. Click the arrow to reveal the answers.

Who Said That Quiz

A personalised quiz to help your get to know the team bond. Answer personal ice-breaker questions and your team colleagues have to guess “Who said that?”

+200 more ice-breaker questions

Some of our ice-breaker questions

If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? 🎧
It’s your last meal. What do you choose? 🥘
Invent a new animal, what would its name be? 🐮 🦊
What subject could you talk about for 20mins? 🎤