The HomeWerk Manifesto 👇

Make friends, whilst working from home.

HomeWerk helps teams to socialise and build stronger relationships regardless of location, time-zone and position within a company.

Shape the future of remote work 🧭

Our mission is to empower team leaders who believe in a remote-first working environment and understand the power of fun at work.

Excuses ➡️ 🚮

HomeWerk is automating employee happiness management and making it simple for any company, of any size, with any budget to give their employees a consistently positive experience at work.

Let us help you 💆

We know it can be a real pain in the 🤬. to organise team building activities, celebrate occasions and new hires, and come up with fresh ideas on how to keep your team socialising each week.

So, we’ve made it our job at HomeWerk to do all the hard work for you.

Our promise 🤞

👉  Yep, our name is HomeWerk but we promise it won’t feel like it. Always fresh. Always funny. Never boring.

👉  Our platform will continue to evolve and improve around your needs. What’s helped us get to this point is our focus on customer development and we welcome all feedback, criticism and ideas!

People *really* like HomeWerk 🤩

💬  100% of our users have reported that HomeWerk has helped them feel closer to their colleagues.

💬  And 74% said that it helped make remote work easier.

We’re so confident that you’ll love it we offer a 4x week free trial 🎁